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Holo Audio Red

The Red is the latest addition to the incredible Holo Audio offering. It is a network streamer with a highly regarded I2S HDMI output and can also be used as a DDC (Digital To Digital Converter) that converts a digital USB input signal to I2S or SPDIF.  

Holo Audio is renowned for their incredible power supply units. They have used this knowledge to create a unit based on the Pi Compute Module 4 with custom Holo  Audio peripheral components that have been optimised for audio. The advantage of using the Pi4 Module is that it can be used with a lot of software and is, therefore, very versatile.

The Holo Audio Red supports Roonbridge Tidal (Connect), Qobuz, Spotify (Connect), Airplay and many more.

We are confident that the Red will substantially upgrade your existing digital music streamer.