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Digital source

DC-37 Digital to analogue converter
DP-450 MDS Compact Disk Player
DP-570 MDS SA_CD Plyer
DP-750 Precision SA-CD Player
DP-1000 and DC1000 Transport and Digital to Analogue converter

Integrated Amplifiers

E-280 Integrated amplifier(90W)
E-380 Integrated amplifier(120W)
E-480 Integrated amplifier(180W)
E-650 Class A integrated amplifier(30W)
E-800 Class A integrated amplifier(50W)

Control Units

C-2150 Pre-amplfier
C-2450 Pre-Amplfier
C-2850 Pre-amplfier
C-3900 Pre-amplifier
C-47 Phono pre-amplifier

Power Amplifiers

A-36 Class A power amplifier(30W)
A-48 Class A power amplifier(45W)
A-75 Class A power amplifier(75W)
A-2500 Mono power amplifier(100W)
P-4500 Stereo power amplifier(500W)
P-7300 Stereo power amplifier(800W)
M-6200 Power amplifier(1200W)

Auxiliary Items

AD-50 & DAC-60 Phono and Dac boards


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