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Holo Audio Red

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Digital excellence

A new standard in digital playback that is revered by both objectivists that prioritises measurements as well as subjectivists that endorse the musicality of the range's sound

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Discreet R2R technology

Combine the advantages of R2R digital conversation with high resolution capability

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Affordable entry point in the big league of Dacs
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Worldwide positive reception and awards

Excellent reviews from all corners of the globe

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Holo Audio Spring 3 DAC available in 3 levels(1, 2 & KTE)
Holo Audio May DAC (R2R) available in 3 levels(1, 2 & KTE)


Serene Pre-amplifier


Streamer and Digital to Digital Converter

Holo Audio “RED” is a Network Streamer with I2S HDMI output supporting DSD up to 512 and it can be used as DDC (USB to I2S or SPDIF converter). To activate the DDC function the Red must be turned off/on while the USB source is connected. To re-enable the Streaming function, disconnect the USB source and turn the Red off/on again.

Featuring digital input and output options
Simple setup user-friendly software setup
Stream Internet radio stations, streaming music services and your own local music library.
Control music wirelessly with a controller app
AirPlay 2 lets you play music from your wireless device
DDC – Digital (USB) to Digital (I2S HDMI, Coax BNC, RCA, Optical, AES/EBU) Converter

Supporting audio services:

NAA HQPlayer
Roon Bridge
Tidal Connect

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