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More about Airmusic

We have been servicing the market for more than 25 years and have helped many satisfied enthusiasts to build great sounding systems within their budgets. Below are some guiding principles about us and how we see the world when it comes to helping customers to connect to the music that is important to them.

Your music the way you like it
Your ears don't lie

There is no substitute for what you think sounds best. Measurements, reviews and opinions are only data points that help you to decide but do not have the final influence

Your needs are important

Our needs and wants are different, some of us what the best, some want to impress and others want conversation pieces. We try our best to provide you with a tailor-made solution

Equipment must fit into your world

Room size, setup and many other factors need to be taken into account when making an investment in an audio system.

Our know-how and experience
25 years of experience

We have been working in this industry for a long time and have gained invaluable experience with all aspects of audio equipment. We know who to partner with, which brands are high on the value/price curve and which ones are reliable and serviceable.


We work according to professional standards commercially and in our service. We follow the rule book when it comes to regulatory requirements as well.

We rely on the best technical support and backup service
Room acoustics and practicalities matter

An audio system is acoustically part of a room and aspects such as volume, absorption and placement, given a specific product, can either make or break the sound quality of the component. A too small or too big speaker is a sure road to be dissatisfied with the sound and investment in the long run.

Products' personalities should be compatible

Even state of the art products can produce a lack-lustre sound if not paired correctly. It takes an understanding of the personality of each component and its technical specs to combine a satisfying system that delivers what one expects after spending money

Synergy rules
Confidence in your investment
Value for money

Price can be a misleading indicator of quality, but the quality-price ratio is a far better yardstick to use in any decision to buy a spesific product.

Longevity of products

We prefer to work with partners, brands and products that have long life cycles. Products based on novelty, the flavour of the month and fads are not a good long term proposition. Some of our partners keep spares for up to 15 years or more and this makes for a long life cycle and therefore such products are good longterm investments.

Brand equity

It is a known fact that certain products retain their value better than others and it is linked to the brand equity of products. All our brands are internationally recognisable brands of high value.

Music First

The purpose of all products are to connect us to the music first and foremost


Products are selected based on worldwide recognition and vote of excellence


All equipment should enhance our quality of living and be a proud part of our interiors.

Sustainability through quality

Thoughtful design and quality ensure that products are sustainable and not commodities, therefore earth-friendly in the long run.

Making dreams come true
Longterm view