A fresh breeze in the world of integrated amplifiers

Within a short period, the Moonriver integrated amplifiers have gained a reputation and recognition as a new standard in its price class

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Modern and holistic design with a strong sustainable ethic

Low maintenance, easy serviceability and environmentally friendly design

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Thoughtful features that makes it an excellent solution for the music lover

Features such as balance control, tape loop and of course an optional dac and or phono board make the Moonriver 404 an excellent cornerstone in the music lover's system.

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Hints of vintage but rooted in the present and future proof
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Integrated Amplifiers

Moonriver 404 Integrated amplifier(50W) with optional dac and phono
Moonriver 400 Reference Integrated amplifier with optional Dac and Phono

Phono Stage

Moonriver 505(Soon to be introduced) Phono stage
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What the professional press reports

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Price list

Excellence within reach

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