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Southern Sun Rosebank : 8 July 2023

Johannesburg Fringe Hifi Experience

We are delighted to invite you to the first Johannesburg Fringe High Fidelity Experience. We've planned an exhilarating day of fine music and stimulating conversation. To that end, we have assembled a world-class selection of high fidelity music systems.

The equipment has been sourced from boutique manufacturers around the globe, on the fringes of the mainstream. The systems on demo will feature components from Poland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Sweden and China. As expected, sound quality has been our primary concern, although build quality, industrial design and heritage have also been taken into account.

The two available music rooms form an ideal canvas for the day's carefully curated entertainment. There will be a small, intimate system as well as one that is capable of spectacular, room-filling sound. Close attention has been paid to fine tuning the synergy between components.

Come and join us for a day of foot-tapping, heartwarming music, delivered as only true high fidelity systems can. Bring your family or friends to enjoy a day of music and fellowship.

Hifi products not find in the mainstream, from the fringe
Details about equipment
Affordable excellence

If selected with care, musical enjoyment at home can be found at affordable prices and does require big and expensive systems.

Poland is a new force to be reconned with

We are proud to be the ambassadors of one of the new powerhouses in the hifi industry, Poland. Fezz amplification and Pylon speakers are unknown in SA but we intend to change the it.

Finesse and flair, it can only be from France

We are proud to be the partners of 2 legends in hifi, but in South Africa Triangle speakers are new on the scene and is going to become a household name whilst Jadis will prove why many consider in one of the best valve amplifiers on the market.